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The Mecha Council is charged with the development of mecha within the Star Trek universe. As a Research and Development project for the Marine Corps of the Federation of Planets, the Council discusses, advises, tests, prototypes, and documents the workings of a mechanized armored branch.

Research and DevelopmentEdit

The STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC), an affiliation of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (SFI), Mecha Branch (ME) is charged with the duties of the Mechanized Battle Platforms (MBP). The primary mission of the branch is to train marines, supply resources, and operate the branch of the SMFC as duties call for their use. The secondary mission of the branch is to operate under humanitarian forums.

STARFLEET Marine Corps Mecha Branch devices:
Motto: Weilding the Lightning
Slogan: Big Iron
Device: an armored fist clenching three lightning bolts

The Mecha Council is charged with the Research and Development of mecha related projects. The Council is an independant group of members who come together for the purpose of delving into the mecha world as it relates to the Star Trek universe. While the membership is partly from the SFMC, it is not administrated by the SFMC or SFI; rather the council is its own administration.

Mecha Council devices:
Motto: Building the Lightning
Slogan: Building the Lightning from the Sky to the Ground
Device: a mecha unit encircled with Mecha Council Title

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