Walter Gordon Wilson

Walter Gordon Wilson

Walter Gordon Wilson was born on 21 April 1874 in Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland.

He was a naval cadet aboard the HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Britannia. In 1894 he entered King's College, Cambridge. He studied mechanical sciences and graduated with a first class degree, B.A., in 1897.

In July 1915 he is assigned to work with William Ashbee Tritton on the development of landship [tank].

In August 1915 he conceived of an idea for a rhomboidal (lozenge) shaped caterpillar track frame to allow the landship prototype [tank] to transverse battlefield field works, such as barbed wire and trenches. The track design was better than the extended "Creeping Grip" one delivered by the Bullock Tractor Company of Chicago (United States, now defunct).

On 6 October 1919 he is given 15,000 pounds as an award and officially credited as the co-creator of the tank by the Royal Commission on Awards to Inventors.

He died in 1957.