Sir William Ashbee Tritton

Sir William Ashbee Tritton

[Sir] William Ashbee Tritton, IMechE, JP, was born on 19 June 1875 in London, Britian. He is the son of a London stockbroker. He was educated at Christ's College, Finchley and at King's College, London. He was an expert in agricultural machinery.

In 1906 he joined William Foster & Co. Ltd. in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. The company also informally went by the name of Fosters of Lincoln.

In 1911 he became the managing director of William Foster & Co. Ltd.

In May 1914 he is given a contract to work on a machine to combat the field works of barbed wire and trench warfare; this machine will be called the Tritton Trench Crosser and will be abandoned in June 1915.

In July 1915 he is awarded the contract to develop what will become the first British tank by the Landships Committee.

In 1916 he married Isobel Grahame Gillies.

In 1917 he was knighted for his work on the development of the tank.

On 6 October 1919 he is awarded 15,000 pounds for his work on the development of the tank, being official reconized as the co-creator, along with Walter Gordon Wilson, of the tank by the Royal Commission on Awards to Inventors.

In 1939 he becomes the chairman of William Foster & Co. Ltd.

He died in 25 September 1946 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. Tritton Road, which is located in Lincoln, is named after him.